Production and research consultancy group to motion picture and television studios, film and television production companies, motion picture and television related institutions, museums and libraries, as well as governmental institutions and historical societies nationwide.

Established in Los Angeles California in 1975, the present company adopted the historic trademark logo of ‘Bison Life Motion Pictures’ or ‘The Bison Film Company’ originated in New York in 1909 and later being established in Los Angeles.

Since 1975, Bison Productions and Archives are led by its principle officers of the company, Eugene Edelman and Marc Wanamaker for Bison Archives.

BISON PRODUCTIONS is a unique organization which has been providing research services related to motion picture production. Bison Productions coupled with Bison Archives has been specifically a professional research organization which provides academic information and intellectual property on all levels of involvement with film production, from the pre-production to post-production and during the making of motion pictures. Bison develops research strategies that help the producer, writer, director, art director-production designer and in other areas of film production.

In the day to day business, Bison Archives uses its extensive motion picture historical research and photographic library to provide services to various organizations. The unique material of Bison is used for private research, and is a source for internally developing Bison Productions film/television projects and book publications.

Bison Productions is a consultancy firm that strategizes and provides unique professional
research needed by the ‘writer-producer-director’ within the film industry.

From the beginning, Bison Productions and Bison Archives have been consulting on many feature films and documentaries - relating to subjects that are contained in some form in the Bison library files. Due to the specialized nature of Bison Productions/Archives knowledge and methods of research activities- museums, institutions and historical societies have benefited from Bison’s cooperation. We have been instrumental in helping to create motion picture and television museums around the world. With the knowledge and historical materials provided, Bison are experts in film and television museum concepts and exhibits. Bison has consulted on several traveling exhibits of Motion Picture related subjects and contributed information and historical material to exhibits at the academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Museum of the Moving Image and others.

With the wealth of experience in creating/working on historically related motion pictures, Bison Productions is well equipped to develop and understand film projects based on unique historical events for in-house future film projects. Bison Productions, in conjunction with Bison Archives have discovered, identified, authenticated and produced public exhibitions, and the disposition of movie memorabilia and fine art, from the following collections:

Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Studio, MGM Studio, Cecil B DeMille, Charles Chaplin, Erich Von Stroheim, Darryl F. Zanuck, Laurel and Hardy, director Robert Florey, Akim Tamiroff, Boris Karloff, Willis O’Brien, (designer of the King Kong models), director/artist Harry Lachman, Edith Head, Travis Banton, Rudolph Valentino…and others. Also collections from European Royal and Noble collections found and identified in Hollywood. Some of these include; King William III and Queen Mary II, King Charles I, Louis de France-Grand Dauphin “Monseigneur”, Dowager Empress of Russia –Dagmar, Prince Demidoff, Prince de Conde-Duc de Bourbon, King Leopold II – Archduke of Austria…and others.

Eugene Edelman of Bison Productions owns intellectual rights for original stories and movie scripts, based on the above-mentioned discoveries, entitled: “Kings of Hollywood”, “Art of Seduction”, “Nobody Argues Anymore”, “Le Roi a Paris”…and others.

Bison Productions/Archives continues to consult to various institutions and film and television companies on a wide variety of projects. Some of the past and present clients include: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Sony Pictures Studios, Universal Studios, Disney Studios, Public Broadcasting, Hollywood Heritage, Los Angeles County Museum, American Film Institute, UCLA, USC, and many documentary and television production companies, internationally, along with our technical advising on a variety of feature film and television movies.

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